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Spin Classes

This class appeals to the fun Spin vibe and mixed formats, rather than specific traditional cycling pyramid workouts.

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Derived of the pure outdoor cycling experience, this class's physiological focus is on overall power, RPM's and

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TRX training

Using your bodies own weight, this full body strength training class focuses on all major and minor muscle groups

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ballet inspired workout, but no dance experience required. Sculpt your legs, core, booty, and back using isometric squeezes and holds.

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Always different, never boring, challenge guaranteed. Use free weights, medicine balls, cardio drills, TRX and Bosu, partner challenges

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Yoga Classes

Zen out or work up a sweat! Based on your mood or how much you want to swear you can choose from a variety of yoga classes, from Power Yoga to Vinyasa Flow

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about cardiotone

uniquely holistic approach to high-performance living. every single day.

A training program is only as good as the people behind it. With CardioTone, you’ll have a coach rather than a traditional trainer.

CardioTone coaches will not only lead you through a rigorous and rewarding workout, they will provide the motivation and expertise to ensure you are leave the studio a better version of yourself. All of our instructors are highly trained in their practice and are committed to providing a comprehensive training program that will help achieve your fitness goals.


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