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Tired of weightlifting the old-school way? Try these suspension training moves that’ll kick your ass and give you the muscle-building workout.


Using your bodies own weight, this full body strength training class focuses on all major and minor muscle groups for a complete cardio and strength training workout.


Yep. All that in one class. We use the TRX to tone the upper body, then traditional Barre sequences to sculpt each and every one of your lower body and core muscles, individually. Don’t believe me? See you there.


A circuit style class combining 20 minutes on the bike and 20 on the TRX. At the Church Street studio, we power through a 20 minute session on the bike, then head over to the straps for a full body strength training session. At the 3rd Street studio, we switch between bikes and straps in 3-5 minute intervals, for an intense full body cardio and strength workout you won’t forget.

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